Winter 2018, Early Returned Missionary Conference

Saturday, February 17th, 9am-5pm

Provo Library Ballroom

550 North, University Avenue

Please register for the ERM Conference by filling out the form below, and then pay for your lunch or the conference fee (if you are not planning on eating lunch at the conference) by filling out the PayPal box below the form. Please note that every conference attendee needs to fill out a separate registration form.

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Please make one selection, and then choose the appropriate selection at the bottom of the page in order to pay for your meal via PayPal. Your registration is only complete once you have paid for your conference lunch (or the $1 registration fee if you choose to not eat lunch at the conference).
Please note that only Early-Returned Missionaries are invited to attend the conference. ERMs are more than welcome to invite a spouse, friend, or significant other to attend with them. Everyone attending the conference is required to register for the conference, and to pay for their lunch or the $1 registration fee.
Is there anything you would like us to know about you? Or do you have any special needs we should know about in order to help you have a great experience?

Lunch/Conference Payment

Please pay the appropriate fee for your conference lunch, or the $1 registration fee below. Please know that Mission Fortify functions as a non-profit should (we do not charge for our services and conferences), but because of our financial limitations, we are unable to pay for everyone's lunch. The $1 registration fee is only paid by those who would prefer to not pay for the lunch offered at the conference, and is used to better estimate how many will be attending the conference. Any surplus of money collected will be used for this ERM Conference, and future ERM Conferences.

Conference Lunch